Pax Manifesto: Innovations in Peacebuilding

PAX Manifesto specializes in strategic communications, training and consulting for organizations and movements working in peacebuilding, conflict, humanitarian aid or sustainable international development.  We have experience and training in peacebuilding, conflict and Coexists work, humanitarian aid and International Development.  We also have over 15 years experience, training and work in media and communications. We offer services in strategic communications, integrated social media development and management, innovative program/project design and implementation, transmedia storytelling strategy.  We are trainers and consultants that have written grants, taught workshops and developed curriculum.  While we always have our own on going projects we do with our global partners, PAX Manifesto is also helping other organizations to reach a greater audience and to innovate their work.

We have a huge toolbox of capacities such as: designing, creating and editing print and online materials supporting  peacebuilding, governance, and international development efforts on the ground and in the field. Or planning and implementing online social media strategies that augment offline peacebuilding efforts.  We have created transmedia storytelling strategy for static projects to increase community engagement and deepen impact.

PAX Manifesto has worked on strategic communications projects for peacebuiding agencies.  Some projects we have done are:

  • newsletters

  • training manuals

  • curriculum development

  • toolkit content and design

  • website wireframes

  • overall communications strategy

  • ghost blogging

  • conference public relations and reporting

  • online community management

  • social media strategy

Our key expertise covers topics in regards to peacebuilding, international development, governance, organizational development, psychosocial work, and transitional justice.  Here are just a sample of topics we have covered in manuals and strategic communications campaigns:

  • Gang Intervention Specialist Manual (Edit and Design)

  • Refugee Integration and Cultural Assimilation

  • Humanitarian Aid in Conflict/Crisis Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Youth in Peacebuilding

  • Women in Peacebuilding

  • Trauma Healing

  • Inter-ethnic and cross conflict dialog (online and face to face)

  • Media in times of Conflict

  • Online social media management for peacebuilders

Check our PRAXIS  page for more.