The Real Women of Syria" project seeks to elevate the role of Syrian Women as peacebuilders, community organizers, humanitarians and transformative leaders.  It is a transmedia project which features the profiles of 4 Syrian women that have been central to the Syrian Revolution.  The stories are woven into a compelling peacebuilding graphic novel. This is a media making project that seeks to shift the dominant narrative of how women are viewed and to empower women through the use of digital media.  The end goal is to produce a series of graphic novels based on their lives, which could be shared and distributed to youth in refugee camps and in the diaspora. The facebook and twitter pages curate content about Syrian women and share short episodes from the lives of the actual women in the series.


Basma Zabadani, Syriaa city under siege 45 km from Damascus

35 years old, Widow (Husband recently died under torture)  Basma never planned to be a revolutionary, if fact she studied art and worked making small handicrafts, helped in the fields and after a long time saving money finally opened up her own hair salon.  When the uprisings in Syria began she knew she will get involved.  Most of the movement in Zabadani was women-led and Basma offered her hair solon for the organizing of rally’s and making signs and posters. Soon her Salon became the center of the revolution, until the armed conflict began and soon she would see how much the revolution would cost her… this is her story.

Dina, Daraa, Syria- refugee in Bierut, Lebanon- husband tortured and detained only to lose everything because of her commitment to the revolution.  A song writer and youth leader, Dina lead a movement with influence and care. 

Cousins Ameena 23 and Hiba 24, Survived siege, gassing, torture, and loss of family and hope but never lost their hope.